Tomorrow I’m Going to Crack That Bitch

Tomorrow is Open That Bottle Night – Tenth Anniversary Edition.

Using Bitch As Rolling Pin

Using Bitch As Rolling Pin

Nancy acquired, through gift or impulse purchase, I’m not sure which,
A bottle of wine with a label of Bitch.

Once a year, more if you like, you pick the special bottle of wine,
sitting behind the book with no spine.

Make a big deal out of it, fine dining meal before, or sit on the lawn,
Important thing: make sure it’s gone.

Why we save wine, well some people do, just doesn’t make much sense,
I’m pretty sure it’s putting up pretense.

We used to have, inherited it actually, a “fine bottle of wine,”
Really cool bottle, Liebfraumilch Lichtenstein.

Why we were saving it, you know you do to, waiting for the perfect event,
which never came because of unilateral dissent.

Open That Bottle Night, wino-files at wrote, was the perfect excuse
to crack the cork on the grapey booze.

Saturday, February 28, that’s tomorrow my friends, about mid-afternoon
I’ll serve the Bitch and watch her swoon.

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