Whereas I Do Hereby Give My Support to Cynical Bastard

Since he brought it up, and I agree 100%, here is my support for monitoring volcanoes. But most importantly, please, please, please look at your blog and consider this:

  • I gave up the fight against word verification a long time ago. I still hate it, but have come to accept that that is a losing argument.
  • I thought I was starting to win the war against comment moderation, but it looks like the tide has turned against me on that one. I keep coming across more and more blogs that do that.
  • I haven’t complained too much here about people truncating their posts in their feeds in Google Reader, thereby FORCING us to click on their blog to read the whole post.
  • However, there is one thing I’m going to bitch and whine about a lot. I keep coming across blogs that have very light colored text on very light colored background.

Word Verification is Google’s way of trying to prevent comment spam. You’ve seen it, the squiggly letters? It’s called CAPTCHA, and CAPTCHA doesn’t work – it’s ineffective to stop spammers. So Cynical Bastard, don’t give up, get re-pissed.

Comment moderation doesn’t bother me that much, and I think I have only been blocked one time, and that was recently when I explained to Jane Fonda that reprinting an entire New York Times column, including mug shot and byline of reporter, wasn’t good blog etiquette. It didn’t get published.

Truncated feeds really bug me.  I have one blogger that is one of my favs that truncates, but that’s OK, I’ll do it for her. But any other truncated feed usually gets deleted pretty quick.

And then there is blog design. I suck at it, but I know crap when I see it.  The best contrast for type is blue/yellow, but it makes for some ugly page designs. Next best, is black type on white background, but that’s so boring.  But there is a formula for checking the contrast between text and background.

60 out.

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Whereas I Do Hereby Give My Support to Cynical Bastard — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Beth. Yeah, my old eyes have trouble with some, but they usually are written by younger eyes, so I can’t complain.

    It is interesting that a sans-serif type is preferred over a serif type for screen fonts.

    Your gardening in the desert post was interesting. We love the desert, but know we would miss the flowers. And then there is the matter of dirt always blowing!