WordPress Comments Borked

Here’s what I’ve found using WordPress 2.7:

After clicking on “comments”

Firefox 3.0.5: page doesn’t fully load

IE 7.0.5 : page loads without widgets

Safari 3.1.2 : same as Firefox.

I’ve also noticed that “preview” posts acts the same way.

email me if you have ideas: goinglikesixty@gmail.com

I’ve deactivated any plug-ins related to commenting.


If you have tried to comment: thanks! You can email me!
UPDATE: Removed Google Analytics because of this post and am amazed at how much faster page loads! Didn’t fix my comment problem tho’

COMMENT: Suburban Hippie:

Actually, it sort of reminds me of those acid trips back in college, when I go to comment. So, you know, thanks for the memory.

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WordPress Comments Borked — 2 Comments