Zombie Saves Me From Myself

Going Like Sixty had some severe problems and had to be put down. I’m talking about the theme, my K2 modified Steampunk CSS hacked disaster. As with most disasters, the K2 Steampunk theme struck without warning. One minute it was fine, the next minute it wasn’t. I upgraded WP Super Cache using auto-upgrader and things went downhill quickly.

My back end guy Kirk died. But he still got my RSS feeds wherever he was and decided to rise from the grave and give me some advice.

Kirk, being a submariner, and prior to his death, very dependent on heavy duty drugs, can be pretty straightforward when dealing with me.

To paraphrase Kirk. “Sixty? Are you friggin’ kidding me? You have two K2 themes, with 18 CSS stylesheets, fourty-eleben hack, jacks and whacks to the CSS and you think this  is fixable?  Kill it. Kill K2 Steampunk now before it spreads.”

Therefore, I have a new theme.
Thanks Zombie Kirk for giving me the kick I needed to fix it.
Now back to your coffin.

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Zombie Saves Me From Myself — 4 Comments

    • @Kirk: Yes, I can speak Zombie, and that’s what you said kinda. I had trouble understanding when your lips fell off.

      @Gretchen: insert dirty joke about lips falling off. Thanks for liking the change.