Heathers: A Killer Musical?

I remember the first time I saw Heathers. It wasn’t in a movie theater, it was on television. We were visiting Nancy’s sister’s family and the 8 and 12 year old girls wanted to watch Heathers, while the adults drank Wild Turkey and Coke. OK, it was actually Uncle Bob and I that were doing the drinking.

It was like watching a train wreck with my young nieces and my young daughters watching too. Except the train wreck was carefully planned and pretty sexy for the early 90’s. Which makes me wonder if I had too much Wild Turkey and we were actually in a theater, because movies like this didn’t make it to broadcast TeeVee that quickly back then. Mayhaps it was on video? Did we have videotape back then? No matter, we were watching it at their home, I am convinced.

It turned out to be one of my favorite movies. One that I have Netflixed and watched on HBO many times. It is wickedly funny. Emphasis on wicked. Winona Ryder and Christian Slater kill off the clique at their high school. Today this movie probably would not be made because it is too much like life.

The fun part is that Heathers The Musical is in production. Heathers is taking readings and Kristen Bell is favored to play Heather and Christian Campbell will play J.D.

I think this is so campy that it will be a smash. There are so many good lines and so many good scenes that beg to be set to song and dance.

Heather McNamara: It’s your turn Heather.
Heather Chandler: No, Heather, it’s Heather’s turn. Heather?
Heather Duke: Sorry Heather.

J.D.: People will look at the ashes of Westerburg and say, “Now there’s a school that self-destructed, not because society didn’t care, but because the school was society.” Now that’s deep.

Heather Duke: Veronica, why are you pulling my dick?

Veronica Sawyer: [writing in diary] Betty Finn was a true friend and I sold her out for a bunch of Swatch dogs and Diet Coke heads. Killing Heather would be like offing the wicked witch of the west… wait east. West! God! I sound like a fucking psycho.

Kurt’s Dad: My son’s a homosexual, and I love him. I love my dead gay son.
J.D.: Wonder how he’d react if his son had a limp wrist with a pulse.

Remember the movie? Here is the original trailer to jog your memory.

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Heathers: A Killer Musical? — 5 Comments

  1. @Gretchen: Times are different, I was appalled that the girls were allowed to watch this, but the next time I saw it without them I realized how much fun it really was and now it’s a fav.

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