Join Me in Anti B Popping

No perv, not this Anti Bea


This Anti B


Good Morning America’s co-host Chris Cuomo is using Twitter. Never one to miss an opportunity to tweak a TeeVee “newser” I tweeted at him to please stop popping the B in Billion.

He kinda responded:

chris_normalChrisCuomoHave people fatigued on the amounts gov’t is spending? Is billion the new million? Is there really no need for me to accentuate “bbbillion”?

I’ve done the science, millions should only be used for lottery winners and athletes. Billions are common on any story relating to government spending. Therefore sports personalities are exempt from the Anti B Popping effort.

Do you know of other network TeeVee folks on Twitter? Please give me their user name in the comments so I can help them adapt to 21st century TeeVee Journalism.

Better yet, if you’re on Twitter, give @ChrisCuomo a shout and let him know you are Anti B Popping.

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