Memeing Me Wife

His Girl’s Blog. has four answers for each! Interesting because she includes the real truth. She looks for Jesus in everyday life but now comes Sunday Stealing. WWJD?
Are there Jesus memes?

Another Sunday Stealing Meme

Cheers to all us thieves!

Sunday Stealing: The Mom/Wife Meme

1. What is something your mom/wife always says to you? How do you like it? Usually in response to something I say to her.

2. What makes your mom/wife happy? Making other people happy.

3. What makes your mom/wife sad? Three putting or frogging depending on the time of year.

4. How does your mom/wife make you laugh? Watching Squirrels hit the ground – hard – falling off the birdfeeder.

5. What was your mom/wife like as a child? Child as in 5-10 years old? I’m guessing a tomboy.

6. How old is your mom/wife?  I forget.

7. How tall is your wife? I think she is 5’1″, she says she is 5’1 1/2″

8. What is her favorite thing to do? Shop.

9. What does your mom/wife do when you’re not around? Same thing she does when I am around.

10. If your mom/wife becomes famous, what will it be for? The World’s Most Funnest Party Ever.

11. What is your mom/wife really good at? Just about anything that grabs her interest.

12. What is your mom/wife not very good at? Housecleaning

13. What does your mom/wife do for a job? She’s retired

14. What is your mom/wife’s favorite food?  Wow. Tough one. I’m going to go with I don’t really know. But I will ask. UPDATE:  she said if it can be a drink: Pepsi. Well, dur,I knew that, I just wants think of a drink as food.

15. What makes you proud of your mom/wife? She causes her friends have fun and she listens to their problems.

16. If your mom/wife were a cartoon character, who would she be? Jessica Rabbit.

17. What do you and your mom/wife do together? Just about everything except crafts.

18. How are you and your mom/wife the same? We are adventurous in travel

19. How are you and your mom/wife different? I have strong opinions and express them.

20. How do you know your mom/wife loves you? If you knew me, you would know.

21. What does your mom/wife like most about your dad/yourself? Don’t know.

22. Where is your mom/wife’s favorite place to go? Out.

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