Microsoft Research Led By Baby Boomers, Is This the Problem?

Here we go again.
I’ve written about how the Chief Research and Strategy Officer for Microsoft is a Boomer, maybe a little older.
Now a geek tech writer is just all giddy because he heard from Bill Buxton, another sixty year old researcher with Microsoft.

But the excitement—and plenty of it—was how the first MIX09 keynote began. With a bang. Bill Buxton, principal researcher, Microsoft research, stormed the MIX09 stage. What a start! He was the right answer to the geek-fest in Austin and iPhone love-in in Cupertino. The 60-year-old showed that excellence knows no age, and that Baby Boomers can teach something to tech-savvy GenXers and Net Geners.

(emphasis mine)

Joe Wilcox, eWeek

Joe Wilcox, eWeek

But Joe Wilcox who was covering the meeting for eWeek made this crack.

But was Bill being a Baby Boomer (emphasis mine) or does he understand something essential about the tactile nature of design? He asserted that the Post-It note is the best medium for sketching out ideas.

What the hell does that mean? “being a Baby Boomer?” He just couldn’t let it go… that a sixty year old still can outthink 25-35 year olds. I’m guessing that Joe Wilcox is a baby boomer and just tweaking somebody with an inside joke. But we’ll never know.

He might just be a prick like his boss.

Bill Gates is a Prick.

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Microsoft Research Led By Baby Boomers, Is This the Problem? — 5 Comments

  1. @Gretchen: I got better proof that Bill Gates is a Prick. I opened the new Dell, and it took me all evening to download the updates to Windows. Just Windows updates.

    I guess Dell isn’t a big enough customer for MSFT for them to get current flaccidware.

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