MidLife, MySpouse, MySport, MySpice Meme

I complained and some people called me on it. The past few Sunday Stealing memes are clearly taken from MySpace.com or PopSugar.com or CollegeCandy.com. They said I should put my meme where my mouth was.

Here is the MySpouse, MySport, MySpice Midlife Meme.

Is your spouse/significant other alive? If yes, how can you tell?
What is your position in the menopause moment?
If you are post-menopausal, were there casualties?
Getting any?
Does your spouse/so have the heartbreak of psoriasis?
Ever applied medication to your spouse/significant other. Did s/he know it?
Have you used anything that was “ribbed for your pleasure?”

Cash, Debit, or Credit?
Have you ever smashed your car so bad you couldn’t drive it? Who’s fault?
When is the last time you flipped your mattress?
Any Pecker Tracks?
Do you think George Snuffalopagus is a stud?
Speaking of muppets, which would be your favorite spicy muppet and why?
What is your favorite spice? (weed is a spice)

Do you play a sport? Which one? Scale of 0 to 10 (10 is pro) how good are you?
Are you a good sport?
Do you sport facial hair? (sex doesn’t matter)
When was your first french kiss?
Are you a good whistler?
Do you like sports drinks? (beer is not a sports drink)
Wanna bet?

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MidLife, MySpouse, MySport, MySpice Meme — 6 Comments

  1. Doesn’t Grannymar know better than to challenge you on ANYTHING? Good God…look at some of these questions…and I suppose we got the edited version. Lesson learned….

    And NO…I’m not doing your insane meme….MR. MY MEME. I’ve never loved them to begin with.

    Joy…also wrote this…Just a Note from Joy

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