Neil Sedaka Sings: Twitter Isn’t Hard To Do

Jon Stewart told Meridith Viera that he was a Twat because he used Twitter.

Ashton Kutcher sent a picture of “wifey’s” (Demi Moore) butt in granny panties to his followers.

Demi Moore's Tweet Butt

Demi Moore's Tweet Butt

Jennifer Aniston dumped John Mayer because he spent too much time on Twitter.

Since I thought I was watching the life of Neil Sedaka when I saw The Jersey Boys, I thought adapting Jennifer Aniston’s woes to Breaking Up Is Hard to Do, by Neil Sedaka was appropriate. Here’s the video, feel free to sing along. Use my lyrics and get your 15 minutes of fame.

Twitter Isn’t Hard To Do

Don’t Twitter our love… away you twat
Don’t lie about it you will be caught
If you Tweet I won’t eff you
Twitter isn’t hard to do

Remember when…. you Tweeted my ass
no forget it – other classless lass
“no time to text” said you,
Twitter isn’t hard to do.

They said you were busy and hard at work
Now I know, I know you’re a jerk
I call you out you loser twirp
Instead of Tweeting up I wish that you made noisy sloppy slurps.

I beg of you, drop the Twitter
Let’s screw until we have a litter
Come on baby, let’s start a new
Twitter isn’t hard to do.

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Neil Sedaka Sings: Twitter Isn’t Hard To Do — 2 Comments

  1. You call those granny panties? They are more like Catholic school panties. Talk to the husband of any pregnant woman and he can tell you about granny panties. They come up to your chin if you’re not pregnant, and most men are afraid of them.

    Gretchen…also wrote this…San Diego Weekend.