Car Talk Used Car Salesperson: Meg Meehan Hoffa

I’m a huge Car Talk fan. At the end of the program, they give credit to some of their staff. On the website they give credit to all their staff. Here are some of my favorites (some you have to say outloud – or at least I did!)

  • 401K Statement Analysts…. Douse and Burnham Class
  • Attendance Monitor…. Julie Verley
  • Snowboarding Instructor…. Soren Dekeester
  • Used Car Salesperson…. Meg Meehan Hoffa
  • Werewolf Studies Specialist…. Harriet Knight
  • Accounts Payable Administrator…. Imelda Czechs
  • Air Traffic Controller…. Ulanda U. Lucky
  • Alternative Fuel Consultant…. Amanda Livering Cole
  • Anger Management Coach…. Kirsten Hollered
  • Appointment Secretary…. Stu Earley
  • Appointment Secretary II…. Amadeus O. Early
  • Art Critic…. Dot Snice
  • Assistant Director of Moral Support…. Hugo Gurll
  • Asst. Fleet Manager…. Lisa Carr
  • Asst. Transportation Coordinator…. Orson Buggy
  • Auto Seat Tester…. Fitz Matush
  • Back Seat Driver IIM…. ischa Turnov
  • Bad Joke Interpreter…. Nadia Geddit
  • Bunji Jumping Instructor…. Hugo First
  • Ice Rink Manager….. Sam Boney
  • Chief Cook and Bottle Washer…. Chef Boyar Ubusy
  • Child Transportation Specialist…. Minnie Van Driver
  • Copyright Attorney…. Pat Pending
  • Director of Standard Time…. Red Auerbach
  • Director of Staff Bonuses…. Holly Unlikely
  • French Vacation Specialist…. April Lynn Parris
  • Latin American Bullfighting Specialist…. Gordon Diaz
  • Lighting Expert…. Shanda Lear
  • Lug Nut Specialist…. Tad Tolouse
  • PR Director…. Bea Esser

UPDATE: Da Boyz at Boomspeak have a list too. They are in the graphic design biz and use this as “filler” donor lists to see if clients are paying attention..
Rusty Ford
Deb O’Nair
Alan Rench
Pearl Harbor
Scott Free
Phyllis Stein
Anne Chovie
Sam O’Rye
Sue Matra
Fay Tality
Sara Bellum
Sarah Tonin
Dick Taphone
Vin Dictive
Ant Hill
Monty Carlo
Page Layout
Amber Lith
Hugh Saturation
Lauren Ipsom
Serge Protector
Miles Tone
Pete Moss
Kay Sea
Gene Pool
Buck Naked
C.D. Rom
Skip Town (our accountant)
Phil Dirt
Claire Voyant
Neil Downe
Ann Drogeny
Chester Field
Anna Conda
Mel Atonin
Sara Bellem
Ben Evolent
Mike Rocosym
Lucy Goosie
Peter Doubt
General Ledger
Sue Nami
Rick Shaw
Perry Scope
Graham Cracker
Ginger Vitas
Major Point
Dee Railer
Justin Time

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