Happy Friday! Almost Free Vodka From Walgreens


Walgreens has 360 Vodka, 1.75L Bottle on sale for $19.99 – $20 rebate = ($0.01).

Limit 2 bottles per rebate/per household.

“360 Vodka is crafted from a philosophy of eco-awareness. 4x Distilled and 5x Filtered for unrivaled character. It’s the finest vodka Earth has to offer.”

Well free vodka is always the finest vodka Earth has to offer.

360 VODKA is offering a $20.00 rebate.

Nancy is heading to Hotlanta for a big knitters confab. She may make a stop to stock up, I certainly am!

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Happy Friday! Almost Free Vodka From Walgreens — 4 Comments

  1. hmm… this just sounds too good to be true. But I checked the rebate and California isn’t excluded, so I may try it out. We have a Walgreens about a mile away.
    I have to wonder how your media center would have ended up if you’d done shots of vodka instead of beer. ~Steve, the trade show guru

    Steve, trade show guru…also wrote this…Trade Show Booth Display Design Secrets

  2. @Steve, trade show guru. Our Walgreen’s doesn’t carry liquor. I paid @21.99 for 750 ml -$10 rebate. Still a good price unless it tastes like feet.