My Earth Day Pledges

On this Earth Day 2009, I pledge to Mother Earth:

  • I will not leave earth for more than a few hours at a stretch.
  • I will not eat earth, but I may continue to eat earthworms.
  • I will refer to her as Mother Earth, rather than Planet Earth since there may be another Planet Earth soon. Hope they have better success franchising Planet Earth than Planet Hollywood did.
  • Google earth will remain downsize because Sergey Brin never returns my phone call.
  • I will listen to more Earth, Wind and Fire.
  • I will use “Greetings, Fellow Earthling” at least daily.
  • I will no longer question why Earth was not named after a Greek or Roman god.
  • I will listen to more Eartha Kitt.
  • I will respect those who were born under Earth signs, even though I think Astrology is for lunartics. (Aside: a volcanic eruption on the moon would be a lunar tic.)

So there you have it. My pledge to Mother Earth for Earth Day 2009.

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My Earth Day Pledges — 5 Comments

  1. The question “Is there earth after earth?” I think there will be nothing like it, not yet out of the 13 planets as of this time. Maybe the 14th one. 🙂

  2. :)…. Nice one… especially the last point… (Not that i belong to an earth sign)… but still Astrology is for everybody… Although it can help only those who really believe in it.
    Luck Lane recently posted…Cosmo ShastraMy Profile