Springtime Colonoscopy

Butterfly Roses Flowers

Spring has sprung,
grass has riz,
this is where,
the colonoscopy is.

A boomer friend decided a few years ago, she hated her job and wanted to be a nurse. She dumped her cheating husband, moved into a horse trailer (literally) borrowed a boatload of money, got a grant from a hospital and is now an R.N.

One of the perks is free a free colonoscopy anytime. Probably not a perk that gets abused much.

Nancy has a knack for getting her friends involved in shenanigans.

This is her most recent example. She thought Joanne needed to have a temporary tattoo on her rear when she got her first colonoscopy. Joanne figured since she had to buy a package, she should use them all.

Much hilarity ensued.

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Springtime Colonoscopy — 8 Comments

  1. Great. Just what I needed to know before I go into surgery. I actually had a friend of mine suggest I should get a “Twitter” surgeon (actually sends Tweets about the surgery as it happens).


    I can just see it now:

    “Wait on that clamp, I have to update Twitter about this profuse bleeding incident.”

    Kirk M…also wrote this…The Geek Wins in the End