Twitter Updates for 2009-04-19

  • #mediacenter 4:20 snuck up on us. POETS day (Piss Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday) Baseball game, beer and hotdogs. Todays is electronicals. #
  • #mediacenter: installer may have skipped out in the dark of night, I’m afraid to look. Why is it dogs get up at same time everyday? @nooter? #
  • #mediacenter we have fed installer he is on the obsverse side of the wall decabling old install. Next up: attic and router move. #
  • #mediacenter Cat 5 cable run complete to move router to middle of Casa de Sixty. Attic work, sweatty. #Chill! #
  • #mediacenter Lunch at #sonic, big orange box store for $150 worth of plastic low voltage life-changing shit. Miller #lite #chill. #
  • #mediacenter Why don’t label makers have spell check? and when did the become little printers? Last time I used one you had to squish ’em #
  • #mediacenter BATV in position and cables being hooked up. Another run to Big Orange. Going offline to move router. This could be the end. #
  • #mediacenter Back online, cable is active on both teevees. Tomorrow, setting up infrared receiver to get #Directtv and move router. #
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