Blog for Sale: $11 obo is for sale.


This is Andrea.

She’s not a dog.

As a matter of fact, I put her here because she has a pretty face. She is one of a rare few humans in cones that have been allowed on Dogs With Cones. And because she did this in sympathy for her Dog With Cone, I like her moxie.

I wish I could show you the most famous Human in Cone, but he got mad and made me take the picture down. It was him naked on a couch with cone imitating his naked dog with cone sitting next to him.

That single picture brought me more traffic in one day than anything else I have ever posted anywhere ever.

10,000+ views, and the pfbbt, gone. ( linked to it as their “Caption This” contest.) is for sale. $11 obo.

I was positive my partner and I had the next LOLcats. We set up a 50/50 partnership even though I did all the work. But all the money is in my AdSense account, so nyah!

Anyway, on the web, the “next big” anything usually is the next big flop.

Maybe if I was clever enough to come up with having the crowd add witty text on the pictures?

If you like and want to see it live on, contact me. The domain expires in a few weeks.


If you buy, I will throw in at no additional charge,

AND if you contact me now… FREE SHIPPING.

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