Boomer Confusion? Not Really, It’s the Schizophenic MSM

What are Boomers? Just another drag on Social Security that will kill US/U.S.?
Mobile e-Learning Stocks: US Education, Unemployment, and Baby …
Seeking Alpha – New York,NY,USA
Finally, we arrive on the subject of the “baby-boomer” population of 78 million with data proving these aging tax payers in the US will retire with much …

The catalyst for driving a whole new expansion in business?
Senior Center’s Active Aging Exposition appeals to boomers
Business Gazette – Gaithersburg,MD,USA
Margarete Britt, 74, of Gaithersburg is not a Baby Boomer. She still drives and has no interest in sitting around knitting, crocheting or playing cards, …

A bunch of age spots just waiting for our minds to disappear?
Shriver spotlights Alzheimer’s in HBO documentary
Philadelphia Inquirer – Philadelphia,PA,USA
“This is an epidemic that baby boomers have to realize is their epidemic,” the former NBC News anchor told reporters in a conference call last week to talk …

A vibrant and vital part of the workforce well connected to the web?

Baby Boomers turn to blogs to find jobs
Arizona Republic – Phoenix,AZ,USA
Publicker was joking, but it’s an apt comparison for how many laid-off Baby Boomers feel. The recession is dropping a growing number into a job market that …

Broken and broke?
Empty Nest-Egg Boomers
Washington Post – United States
I’ve been gathering some data about what I’ll call, with the usual boomer understatement, the “retirement crisis.” My mentors have been Eugene Ludwig, …

Have so much money they move to a playground?
Boomers chart course in Sun City West – Sun City,AZ,USA
She believes the club is important in the community because of the growing number of residents from the “Baby Boomer” generation. …

A total drag on the insurance companies that will kill US/U.S.
Tenet offers plans to maintain profitability with baby boomers
FierceHealthFinance – Washington,DC,USA
Tenet Healthcare offered plans to deal with the financial pressures imposed by the incoming wave of baby boomers this week, which consist largely of …

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