Danica Patrick Signs Man Boobs. I May Have a Shot!

I think Danica Patrick is cute. Not hot. Not sexy. Not slutty. Just cute.

I’m getting old.

But in her latest commercial for Boost Mobile, Danica Patrick says I still have a shot to have her go motor-boating in my man boobs.

Because we all know, what is in commercials actually happens in real life.

Bob Parsons

Bob Parsons

Even if Bob Parsons, the GoDaddy.com guy, doesn’t. I think he thinks that throwing lots of money at Danica Patrick to appear as a stripper in his commercials will get him a shot.

News flash Bobbo. My man boobs have a better shot than your money.

I saw it on a commercial.

Which BTW: Boost Mobile sounds like a plan I need. Now I just need to score really cool unlocked phone for a buck and a half.

PS: Danica Patrick will make the move to NASCAR and eat their lunch.

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