Greg Pritchard from Britain’s Got Talent Will Freak You Out

What is it with Britain’s Got Talent that keeps dredging up these entertainers? Greg Pritchard is a waiter that “pretty much” hates his job.
Again, this is a Susan Boyle type freak out for the judges of Britain’s Got Talent. Greg Pritchard’s looks and his voice just don’t go together.

At. All.

Simon Cowell says “that shouldn’t have happened, should it… it’s like a dog meowing.” Would he like a dog to meow? Well, yes, he would.

Greg Pritchard calls himself a male soprano, but he explains he is a counter-tenor.

Prepared to be amazed… again.

Here’s the wiki on counter-tenor:

A countertenor is a male singing voice whose vocal range is equivalent to that of a contralto, mezzo-soprano, or (less frequently) a soprano, usually through use of falsetto, or more rarely the normal or modal voice. A pre-pubescent male who has this ability is called a treble. This term is used exclusively in the context of the classical vocal tradition, although numerous popular music artists also prefer employing falsetto.

Weird Al was a counter-tenor. Now that is Freaky.

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Greg Pritchard from Britain’s Got Talent Will Freak You Out — 3 Comments

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