Grey’s Anatomy 100th Episode Summary: Izzie is a Zombie

The 100th episode of Grey’s Anatomy is over. In cased you missed it.

Spoiler Alert.

  • A bunch of people are hurt because of some kind of accident and all the doctors and nurses and admin staff are running around trying to save people.
  • George says “crashing” a lot and everybody he touches turns to dust.
  • The lesbians have a spat.
  • The only new news is:

Izzie is a Zombie.

Remember when Izzie had that head problem last year, you remember the one where she cried a lot while taking off her clothes in the locker room in front of men?

Well, it turns out she actually died.

Those “dreams” about Denny? They weren’t dreams, that was real. Denny is a Zombie too. But he’s a vegetarian Zombie, so he doesn’t hang around the hospital much, because that would be like a vegetarian hanging around a meat market.

Denny only eats artichoke hearts, potato eyes, palm fronds, heads of lettuce, ears of corn, etc. etc.

Izzie is a for real Zombie and she ate George and McDreamy, with Father Beans and a nice chatty Kathy.

You’ve now been updated on Grey’s Anatomy’s 100th Episode: Izzie is a Zombie.

Sixty out.

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Grey’s Anatomy 100th Episode Summary: Izzie is a Zombie — 2 Comments

  1. @Elaine: months. I saw it on a blog I read, but couldn’t remember where. Turns out, it’s Grandad’s “The Other Fellow” theme. I was bummed. Since then I’ve seen it a couple more times.
    Picking a theme is a huge task!