Interrupted Plans: I Found Pooches “To Do” List

I knew they had been using the old laptop. I fired it up last night and found this blog favorited! and RSS feed. (Except Nooter would call it an RSS snak.)

Yes, one of the herd of canine-ensteins or bone-heads at Plaza del Poocho had been reading Nooter’s blog and correspawding with Nooter.

I found this note.

Rainy weekend “doggy do list”

  • all: snooze as much as possible
  • Sofi: look adorable after crapping in sewing room
  • Oliver: dig ears, lick feet
  • Sofi: dig ears, lick feet
  • Derby: dig ears, lick ass
  • Derby: lick Sixty’s face immediately after above
  • Sedona: swagger
  • Sofi: purr ocassionally so the rest will go into a barking frenzy
  • Derby: continue bark at nothing
  • Oliver: sit in the middle of room and look around
  • Sedona: swagger
  • Derby: bark at leaf
  • Derby: pick fight with Sedona and then race around while she looks at you like you’re a loon.
  • all: don’t go outside without looking like you are gonna get whipped
  • Sofi: go yell in Sedona’s face when she is behind gate
  • Derby: bark at rain
  • Sofi: keep Nancy’s lap warm
  • as soon as they leave, Derb: back of couch;  Sofi: back of couch; Oliver; couch cushion; Sedona: closet.
  • all: snooze as much as possible
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