Tim Russert is Still Dead; Young Luke Russert is MIA

Luke Russert is a punk.

His dad, Tim Russert, was just another inside-the-beltway blowhard that died at a young age.
NBC apparently felt some compulsion to hire Young Luke, even though he registered zero on the network television experience-o-meter.

Luke Russert is a punk because he got a sweet job and apparently is blowing it off.

“He was hired last year to be the youth correspondent — he got a great contract and was supposed to cover youth issues, blog and bring in young viewers, but he’s been MIA for a while. It’s like, ‘Well, that’s what you get for nepotism.’ “

Luck (oops, Freudian typo) Russert told MediaBistro, he was aware of the nepotism surrounding his hiring and said, “Did my name get my foot in the door? Absolutely, I’ll be the first to admit that.

Now young Luke Russert has stopped contributing to NBC. No face time, no blog (his last one was 12/08) and he doesn’t even generate 140 characters for Twitter.

Young Luke Russert, a man with no talent, collecting a big paycheck, and doing no work.

St. Tim would must be so proud.

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Tim Russert is Still Dead; Young Luke Russert is MIA — 5 Comments

  1. Is anyone really surprised? Meanwhile, somebody else’s job probably got axed to keep this lardass on the payroll. Stuff like this bugs the crap out of me.

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