UPDATE: Reclast Is Not a Pill

Guess who didn’t read the press release I published for May is Osteoporosis & Prevention Month?


And the PR dude called me on it.
And sent me a link that works.
To set the record straight:

One final thing. Sorry to get technical on ya, but we are trying really hard to fight the misconception that Reclast is a pill. Feel free to leave your post as is, but if you could change it or add a clarifying comment about it being a “once-yearly infusion” that would be great.

So I left the post as it is. And did another post on Osteoporosis.

I now have OsteoPOSTosis.

And he said he was going to send me some awesome swag for Nancy’s golf league. (But I may have not read that quite right either.)

Oh, hell! I just checked the link to make sure it worked. Reclast is made by Novartis.  I own Novartis.

As your doctor if Reclast is right for you. And then ask again. And then doctor shop until you find one that will… never mind… I don’t want to freak the flack.

Well maybe just a little.

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UPDATE: Reclast Is Not a Pill — 1 Comment

  1. I can’t find your Sunday Stealing?!!! And your name was on the list of participants this morning. I’m bummed.

    Hootin’ Anni…also wrote this…