We’ve Forgotten What It’s Like to Fly a Legacy Airline

Mid-June will are flying to Boston by the seat of my pants.

Docker’s had a deal if you buy a bunch of pants they would give you an airline ticket. I bought enough pairs of pants to get two free tix.

We had a choice of about eight cities and we decided on Boston because 1. we wouldn’t have to fly on a plane all day, and 2. neither one of us had been there since childhood.

We will be flying from BNA to BOS on American Airlines.

Since we haven’t flown anything but Southwest for ages, it just occured to me we would have to pay all the new fees involved. (Southwest isn’t on the fee bandwagon yet.)

We would like our bags to fly with us so I guess we will be paying the $40 fee for a couple bags. I’m such a bargain hound, I think I could buy a wardrobe for four days on $40, Nancy OTOH, (and she is a bargain hound too), would spend that much on underwear. She says she won’t go commando like I would.

We usually don’t eat on the airplane, so we won’t be spending $10 for a sandwich.

Another “feature” we had forgotten about is having an assigned seat!

Then again, the plane we will be on only has 40 seats, so it’s not that big a deal.

We have the Southwest thang down pretty good. We don’t freak out over not getting an A group (first 30 to board) because on Southwest there are at least a dozen family members or travelers needing assistance anyway. And we don’t stand in line for 45 minutes before boarding, because we don’t freak out if we can’t sit beside each other for a three hour flight.

The adventure has begun.

BTW: Rhea is helping out with BOS tips, if you have any, we welcome any advice on things to do, eat, see, buy. Priceline put us up in the Intercontinental Hotel on the Waterfront.

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We’ve Forgotten What It’s Like to Fly a Legacy Airline — 3 Comments

  1. I have tons of suggestions for Boston! Is it 4 days total?

    First, definitely do a Duck Tour. they’re touristy and silly, but you do get a good overview of the city.

    Put on your sneaks and walk all around Beacon Hill. Acorn Street and Louisburg Square. Wander through the public garden (ride on the Swan Boats if you want, but not required) then head up Newbury Street. Visiting Trinity Church is a must.

    Take an admissions tour at Harvard — it’s free. Great way to see insider’s view of Cambridge.

    I’ll think of more beofre you go. have fun!

    Polly-Vous Francais…also wrote this…Deferred Maintenance

  2. @Polly-Vous Francais & Brian. I don’t know what’s up with comment moderation. So sorry these didn’t post right away.

    @Polly-Vous Francais: thanks, we walked Paris, so we will walk Boston, with our trusty Frommer’s! Duck is on our list.

    Food places needed. 🙂