Will The Missing Link Win American Idol During Fleet Week 2009 or Does Shawn Johnson’s Bikini Get Her The Oscar Meyer Weinie Award?

  1. missing link found – they are referring to a new missing link fossil as our Great + 4 aunt.
  2. oscar meyer is giving away free weinies
  3. fleet week 2009 – sailors love weinies and shawn johnson in a bikini, but not so much the missing link
  4. shawn johnson bikini – because her Dancing With The Stars costumes were so conservatative. But at least she wasn’t as boney as the missing link.
  5. lemurs – are actually the connection between us and the missing link
  6. navy helicopter crash – may have been caused by Shawn Johnson in a bikini as the missing link.
  7. aubrey drake graham – is Rihanna’s boyfriend who no doubt has a weinie
  8. kathryn darden – married John Smoltz. The missing link has not been invited, but they are having the Fleet Week over for cocktail weinies from Oscar Meyer
  9. new fossils found  -of Oscar Meyer weinies with little Shawn Johnson Bikini’s on them
  10. america stories of war 36 dvd collection  – is just weird to be searching for when there are missing links, free oscar meyer weinies, shawn johnson in a bikini…
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