Free Samples Welcome. Screw the FCC!

Attention all companies who have a product they wish to have me rave about.
Time is running out. Get your samples and coupons for free stuff to me ASAP.
The FCC is on our trail.

the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is considering to monitor blogs for undisclosed sponsored blog posts. According to the FTC, bloggers who don’t disclose that they received freebies once these new rules go into effect could become the target on an FTC investigation.

I just started doing pay per post, and one company says I can let you know that it is a sponsored post and another company said specifically I couldn’t let you know. (Of course the latter is in the U.K. so they care about the FCC about as much as I do.)

Yes, the same FCC that brought you government cheese for your TeeVee viewing pleasure, now wants to regulate me.

Bring it.

In the meantime, any company that want’s a free plug, like the Kush Night-time Breast Separator, should just get samples or coupons for free samples in the mail. (I hate my wrinkly cleavage, unlike these lovely boomer cleavages. – SFW)

I promise I will give you a glowing review and recommendation.

I’d prefer cash for my endorsement, $10+, but any freebie will do.  Will work for candy.

As much as those bloggers who receive these gifts would like to claim this isn’t the case, freebies like free laptops, trips, or gift cards are likely to influence a writer’s opinion of a product. We just heard from a food blogger last week who told us that she regularly receives expensive spices, books, and mail-order steaks from companies that won’t to be covered on her blog.

If somebody gave me a laptop or a Freakin’ Ford Fiesta or meat I sure as heck ain’t gonna bad mouth them! If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

As said:

We also can’t help to wonder how the FTC is going to monitor the thousands of small-time bloggers who regularly receive freebies.

They can’t.

So social media experts who work for clients  sitting on all that swag, that need some quick buzz, before it’s illegal (and even afterwards)  contact me.   @goinglikesixty or is so small as to be invisible…

Our followers, which art of heathen, hollowhead be thy name,
Thy swagdom come, thy will be done, in blogs as it is in Heaven Hill.
Give us this day our daily freebie, and forgive us our FCC excesses, as we forgive blogs who excess against us.
And lead us not in to exemption, but deliver us some pure evil,
For Sixty is the blingdom, and the power, and the hoary glory, for ever and ever.

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