Gale Storm: Insert Punny Weather Forecaster Name Here

I’m sure there is a weather forecaster with the name Gale Storm. But since Gale Storm died, (real name Josephine Owaissa Cottle)  it lead to an exchange with my daughter about unlikely weather forecaster names.

We covered a few, outside of Gale Storm, and I know you must have a favorite, who might be an actual person, but just in case, I’ll get you started:

  • Lee Ward
  • Alberta Clipper
  • Hugh C. Rain
  • Dusty Rhodes (don’t we all know one of these guys?)
  • Al Timiter
  • Cap Twister
  • Eddy Stream
  • Hi Winds (and his partner Gail Force)
  • Cy Clone
  • Crystal Snow
  • Dawn Sunrise
  • Zenith Snow
  • I. Wall
  • Jet Stream
  • Misty Morning
  • Trace A. Mounts
  • Sue Nami
  • Jet Wave
  • Sonny Day

Please take over and leave your Punny Weather Forecaster Name in the comments.

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Gale Storm: Insert Punny Weather Forecaster Name Here — 14 Comments

  1. I worked in Radio for years. My favorite weather guy was Stormy Seay (SEE)
    DJs were notorious with names in the 70s.
    I worked with Robin Banks, Justin Case, and Leena Wayback at one point or another! Somehow “Chris Allen” just don’t have that zing!!

  2. Autumn Frost
    Al Nino
    Winn Chill
    Summer Haze
    Frosty Peters(Real football player in 30’s)
    Hugh Middnight
    Cyrus Cloud
    Lake Affecksnow
    Ty Dullwaive
    Stormy Weathers(pitches for Reds)
    Sophanda Sunning
    Farrah N. Warmer
    I.C. Bridges
    Effore Tornadoe
    Ty Natarwatch
    Khumma Flood
    Raya N. Sideways

    Crap, I’m supposed to be working!

  3. Round two?

    Chance O’Raine
    Paul N. Count
    Dewey Lawn
    Al Lerjie
    Cole N. Damp
    R. Kropsersave
    Walter Spout
    Fallon Snow

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