I get so confused: I Like BoA, Hate BofA, Like Boas

BoA is a Korean pop artist.

If you think you will hate BoA because I said “pop artist”, give her music a listen. I like it.

If you thought I was talking about BofA, welcome to my world.

I think you will be hearing more and more about BoA on US Airways. No, the real US Airways, the air — radio.  Not US Airways the airplane company that BofA, the bank,  invested in.
BoA Kwon has had 11 straight #1 hits in Korea.  She seems like a pretty likable pop star and her English is better than most American raised pop stars.
But in my RSS reader feeder, when BofA pops up in a headline, I tend to think BoA and then boa which reminds me of Nancy’s gang of friends who wrap their cleavage in boas.

If I ran BofA, I would hire BoA and put her in boa on a boat, to do commercials.

Confusion Rains, Reigns, Reins.

BoA – Eat You Up & Looking Who’s Talking [live]

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I get so confused: I Like BoA, Hate BofA, Like Boas — 1 Comment

  1. Nice band…never herd anything about them tho. What a show! and what a crowd. such a pity that they are not promoted in Europe like they should be. i hope they have a future as a band(because the dancers dance good to) and that we will here more about them in the media