I Knew It, I Just Knew It. She’s Important.

I knew she was on a covert, undercover mission and had to return home because of the new administration and the extreme danger she faced if she remained at her assignment.

Otherwise, why would she be so mysterious? Other than the fact that she is a single boomer woman writing stuff on the internet?

Now that her mission is over (obviously she accepted) and she has safely returned, she is beginning to carefully integrate herself back into a routine life until she is needed again.

Choosing to live the polar opposite of the life she left, she decided to accept the offer of residence in a small quiet village.  She needed that cone of silence and solitude.

Slowly, she reached the decision that her cover had held. It took time and a lot of reassurance by her handlers.  She even returned to the site of her assignment for a period to reconnoiter her former warm home and the cold streets.

Surprising those who knew her career, she began to make limited appearances at family functions to practice returning to a more open way of living.

Satisfied of her safety, but with some reluctance, she agreed to make the short trip to the nation’s capital to quietly accept the accolades for her service to her adopted homeland.

It’s not that she was living the life of avoiding contact with law enforcement, she just had to be careful. She might be called to perform a service of great national importance on a moment’s notice.

Certainly she had a code name.  Something like Hannah Vanna Montana! Which of course, sounds much better in the native language where she was stationed. As knowledgeable as I am on the ways of covert living, I would also know that when challenged she would need a response phrase, which normally takes the form of noun, participle phrase, verb, adjective, noun. Peter, while waiting at the bus stop, jumps the coffee barista. Rose, sitting in her office, erased audiotape.

She pretended to live a simple life in a foreign country, all the while living with the haunting feeling that in the coolness of an evening, the call would come.

Sometimes that feeling still washes over her unexpectedly and she is startled. (I read that on her Facebook page.)

Generally her life was easy. If you call never knowing what is around the next corner easy. She was a student of life and her surroundings. This is what she wrote. This is all she could write with a modicum of calm.

Nevertheless,  she revealed little about herself through her writing, preferring to talk about the wonderful and mysterious surroundings that were her world.

On the other hand, maybe her employment contract expired, she moved home, and she just has a hot date in D.C.

The truth is out there. Trust no one. I want to believe.

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