If That Giraffe Doesn’t Turn Left into Target, I’ll Take My Right Hand and Pick My Nose

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While waiting for the pork to cook on the grill:
(Six very thick pork loin chops, slop of store BBQ, some glugs of Diet Dr. Pepper, in a square foil pan. Cook to death.)

This isn’t going to be easy, I’m really going to have to think.

Sunday Stealing: The ABC Meme

A – An advantage you have – I’m lucky when it counts.

B – Blue or brown eyes – blue

C – Chore you hate – just one? Chores. OK, mowing.

D – Dad’s name – Leon Abraham (he wasn’t Jewish)

E – Essential start of your day – peeing

F – Favorite color – depends on the surface and purpose. All Corvettes Are Red. I like Adobe Red southwestern style homes. I just ordered a can of free purple paint for a public art project I will concoct. Lush green grass on a golf course is really quite loverly. I like Gold Finches.

G – Greatest thing you’ve ever done that made you feel really good – made somebody laugh.

H – Habit you have – picking my nose.

I – Issue you hate that the world tries to make you pursue – picking my nose.

J – Job title – Miraculous Generator of Mirth

K – Kohls or Target – Target because they sell Little Debbies and M&M’s.

L – Living arrangements – married.

M – Music you like – Tuirns out, from favorites in Pandora.com, I’m eclectic: here’s the list of artists from Pandora.com
Paco Pena
Peter Kater
Jose Padilla
Liquid Mind
Joe Walsh
Brian Setzer
Jimi Hendrix
Alex Gold
DJ Logic
Soho Boy
Jeff Mills
Mike Oldfield
Gipsy Kings
Robert Michaels

N – Nicknames – nope.

O – Overnight hospital stay – sleep study a while back. Did you read my post about getting thrown out of a sleep study clinic?

P – Pet Peeve – most currently it would be people turning left at an intersection that don’t pull into the intersection which means if traffic is heavy, only one car (them) makes it through.

Q – Quote that you like most – “No, I don’t have anything for you to do, go surf the web.”

R – Right or left handed – right

S – Siblings – no

T – Time you wake up – depends on when I go to bed. I don’t use an alarm except when I need to get up to catch a vakay plane. And then I usually wake up every three hours.

U – Underwear – boxer briefs

V – Vegetable you dislike – most of the green raw ones.

W – What makes you run late – I function on Lombardi time:” if you are five minutes early, you are fifteen minutes late.”

X – X-rays you’ve had – left knee and right femur. I used to get my feet X-rayed all the time at the Buster Brown shoe store!

Y – Yummy food you make – chocolate muffins

Z – Zoo animal – Giraffes. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is the perfect way to see giraffes.

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