It’s a Bing Thing

Soon, if not already, you will be yelling at the television because you are sick and tired of hearing about Bing, the new search engine from Microsoft.

I don’t know how much television time can be purchased for $100 million, but that is what Microsoft is investing to convince you that Binging is better than Googling.

Bing is being touted as a “decision engine.” What??? Never mind, that’s irrelevant and the reason you will be yelling at the television…

Since I’m an owner of Google,  I wasn’t even going to give Bing a shot (pew-pew, bingggggg) at getting my search engine business. Besides I like AdSense and without Google there is no AdSense and I would miss the monthly checks.

But Sergey and Brin never returned my email, and actually stopped me from using, and Bill Gates is a Prick, so screw ’em. I tried Bing.

I read Offbeat Travel and how much she liked Bing.

Did you ever google something and find a whole lot of sites that have gamed the google system and have no content? I’ve researched small towns and ended up in contentless sites that have asked me to put in what I know of the city.

Yes. I. Have.

I hate those spam blog sites (splogs.)

Bing has a very cool feature that shows you a snippet preview of the site/blog  just by mousing over the result. It gives you a  pretty good clue of what the site contains without having to load the page. And splog sites are sloooooow.

I also like that Bing has a short preview of videos. My attention span is pretty short, sometimes that preview is enough for me.

The Smart Guy doesn’t like that he can’t find things yet on Bing. I think Bing will get better. Microsoft might have waited another week to keep the indexing machine running at full tilt to find the kajillion pages on the web, but then there would have been a uberdillion more. As soon as they have all those abandoned blogs indexed then Bing will get around more often and the search may improve. Then again, it may not.

I’m not 100% committed to Bing, but it’s the only other option I have in my search box. No Yahoo, Mahalo, Dogpile, etc. and especially no because I hate their commercials and sponsorship on NASCAR.

I’m not crazy about the name Bing, but if they stick too it, they should do OK. Free tip: Try to avoid this Windows naming fiasco:

  • 3.0
  • 95
  • 98
  • CE
  • ME
  • XP
  • Vista
  • 7

Bing is not a terrible name, with the right tag line. Bing! The Found It Sound.

But please, please, stay away from using the term Binging.

Free tip to Google: Buy Twitter, it’s pretty useless, but people sure do talk a lot about it. I bet you could figure a way to get those little AdSense ads into my tweets.

UPDATE: I just ran across a vertical site that is attached to Bing, it’s Bing Travel. I knew Microsoft would screw it up.

By aggregating Expedia, Cheap Tickets, Cheapoair, Priceline and Booking Buddy on the Bing Travel site, travelers can not only search for flights and hotels but book without ever leaving the search engine.

My ownership in Google can only grow. Why would these sites buy advertising on Bing, when Bing is going to serve them all to me at once when I search for the best deal in Bangalore?

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It’s a Bing Thing — 3 Comments

  1. I tried Bing and like it.
    I also use Safari on both my Mac and PC.

    Now if I can only get rid of those stupid “Ads by Google”
    Like many other people, I am growing tired of seeing them.