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Want To Make a Living on Google Money?

AdAge has a good post about how Google’s promotion of making money online is undermining their brand…

In a world of double-digit unemployment and old-line industries in mid-collapse, here’s a sales pitch tailor-made for the times: Get Paid by Google.
Millions of people to visit sites such as,, and, all promising some variation on one theme: We’ll teach you how to make thousands of dollars from Google, and you never have to leave home!

And don’t forget “Get Free Money from the Government” or “Government Grants.”

Make money in 5 Easy steps
1. Find a high paying affiliate program which sells a product about how easy it is to make money on Google.
2. The program will just charge for shipping to get the credit card details, and make most of the money through back end reverse billing.
3. Create a “blog” complete with fake comments about how you lost your job. Write about how the program you are affiliated with made you thousands of dollars.
4. Do keyword research to find freshly desperate and unemployed people.
5. Create ads targeting those people and market them through Google AdWords.

Easy Money Artists ***ARE*** Affiliated With Their Easy Money Scheme

“As Google is not affiliated with these sites, we can’t comment on individual claims,” a [Google] spokesman said.

Nice try, but Google is affiliated with such make money online offers, since they create the distribution channel.

Google gives webmasters this guideline “Your site’s reputation can be affected by who you link to.” Why shouldn’t it apply to Google as well?

As long as Google has 30%+ profit margins they are making a BUSINESS DECISION to run these make money at home ads. They could spend 1% of revenue on getting rid of earn money at home ads, and “Google will send you money” (if they wanted to), but they choose not to.

Google keeps running the ads because they want the revenue. And they know exactly how much revenue comes from scamming consumers with these ads.

Help Fix This Issue

Google has not put up consumer warnings and lots of consumers are getting ripped off, I think it’s fair for bloggers to alert people to these “work at home” and “Make thousands from Google”, “Get Rich Quick” and “Money from Google” ads.

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