Penguin Poop Percieved from Space Place

I was conflicted: shall I alliterate or rhyme the headline?

If you know someone who is acting more important than they really are, a snappy retort is: “s/he thinks his sh*t doesn’t stink.”

Penguins are important. Yes, their sh*t stinks, but it’s also visible from outer space.


The astronauts are cruising a few hundred miles above the terra firma and look down on Antarctica and see this giant reddish brown stain on the ice.

Yikes! Would you mention it to your fellow astronauts if you noticed earth had skid marks?

Turns out that Penguin poop can be seen from outer space-ace-ace-ace (echo effect is turned on).

Imagine the relief when you finally did tell somebody and they jumped up and down and were happy because that meant it was now your job to track the trail of Penguin poop?

You Forgot To Wipe

You Forgot To Wipe

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