When Should Boomer Drivers Begin Re-taking Driving Test

Liberty Mutual, the insurance company, has this online driving test called Driver’s Test. Caution, annoying music starts to play.

meant to simulate some of the challenges that elderly drivers face when they’re out on the road.

Yeah, if you are driving your car using arrows on a keyboard. You know up arrow for accelerate, down area for stop, right for right, left for left. I HATE games that use keyboards. drivingtest

“The Driver Seat Game is a great conversation starter,” Greg Gordon, senior vice president of Consumer Marketing at Liberty Mutual, said in a statement. “Most families are simply not addressing the very important issue of senior mobility, perhaps because they feel ill-equipped on how to approach it.”

Yeah, I started a conversation with myself, muttering under my breath how I HATE using arrows in a game and then muttering that Liberty Mutual must have a bunch of idiot Xer’s in their marketing department that convinced the Trophy Generation at their advertising agency to develop a game that uses arrows. At least let me use my mouse. So of course, then it became a game like Pac-Man, the cars were like eaters, meant to be devoured when they change color and the people were bonus points.

I always sucked at Pac-man too. I was trying to drive to the church and ended up at the diner. I guess I got a lot of points for driving like a bat out of hell the wrong way down one-way streets.

Boomers should start to retake driving tests at age Sixty, and then re-take the test when ever the state requires a new license.  If you have an opinion on this topic, here’s a poll.

According to A A A findings, with the exception of teenagers, seniors have the highest crash death rate per mile.

I was lucky, my dad gave up his keys very willingly. I think he scared himself!  I scare everybody that rides with me because at low speed, I “tailgate.” Here’s my rationale: I can see at least two cars ahead by looking through the windshield of the car in front of me.  I’m paying closer attention to the road than she is. I also incur the wrath of drivers when we stop. I pull right up on their bumper. What? Are they going to suddenly throw it in reverse and back into me?

If she pulls up annoyed, I pull up.

If she flips me off, I blow her a kiss.

If she pulls out a revolver, I duck.

By the way, Friday is Drive Your Corvette to Work Day.

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When Should Boomer Drivers Begin Re-taking Driving Test — 4 Comments

  1. In Illinois, people 87 and older have to renew and take a driving test every year. My 98 year old FIL keeps passing the test year after year after year.

    BTW: Will you be sending my red Vette to me by Friday?
    .-= Catch Her in the Wry´s last blog ..Judgement Day =-.

  2. Passed with flying colours. But then I cad my car converted to arrow keys years ago so. Steering wheels are so passé?