Charles Gibson and I Discuss Our Sketching

Charles Gibson, anchor of ABC Evening News, and I discussed our sketching.

In my dreams.

When you have sleep apnea, (I do) and you don’t use a CPAP (I do use one) you wake up 50-70 times every hour. Yeah, about once a second!  Apeneaphobes miss out on dreaming, because they miss out on the deep dream-state  sleep.

Even using a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) I hardly remember my dreams.

I remember this one. Have fun with the dream analysis.

Charlie Gibson and I were laying in bed, discussing some very important topic. He was referring to his notes and I was referring to mine.

I looked over and happen to notice that he had a sketch of himself. I commented that I also had a sketch of myself.

Except his sketch was much much better. It actually looked like him as he is now.
My self-portrait hasn’t changed since college:

I never had a cleft chin, I just always thought they were cool. I’ve always worn button down shirts and glasses with long hair. Fairly accurate – from college age through about age 35.

This is closer to what I look like now:


Chubby cheeks, lines through my face, still have hair I can comb – on my head, my back, my ears, my nose, my ass. Back, crack and sack hair!

I commented to Charlie, that as good as our sketches were, they couldn’t hold a candle to Katie’s. Katie is an artist. This is her avatar – not really a self-portrait, unless she is a LOLCat doing jazz hands.



We agreed Katie’s was best.

I rolled over on my stomach and planned on going to sleep. (Remember, this is a dream!) and as I rolled over, I thought “I feel sorry for Charlie because Walter Cronkite died.”

As I rolled over, I noticed there was another guy in bed with us. I was in between.

I then did my corporate office routine:

Awakened, Gottup and Peed.

It was 3:57. Like the gun.

Maybe I shouldn’t have gone to bed loaded.

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Charles Gibson and I Discuss Our Sketching — 3 Comments

  1. I like your sketch.

    I have to use one of those “Breath Right” spring loaded bandages across my nose in order to keep from breathing through mouth all night. and I went for years thinking my nose was stuffed. And although I used to have sleep apnea (which went away as I got older despite the fact that the doctors say that can’t happen) I’ve always had insomnia which I think is somewhat better than having to use a CPAP.

    Get all that? 🙂
    .-= Kirk M´s last blog ..I wish WordPress could do this =-.