Crater of Diamonds. Hmmmm, Nancy Has Birthday Soon.

I have my bag packed, and with a few more paid posts like this one, I’ll have enough money to get across the state lines.

I’m shopping for Holiday deals.
Since ULookUBook said they would make it worth my while, I decided to give their site a peek. You should too, although I don’t make anything off them if you book a trip.

I’ll have to see about that.

Nancy has a birthday coming this weekend, so a long weekend someplace would be fun. Maybe we should road trip to the Crater of Diamonds State Park. Let her find her own birthday present.

Talk about marketing genius: the people that came up with Crater of Diamonds State Park are brilliant (pun intended.)

What’s the first picture that pops into your mind? Craters. Full. Diamonds. Diamonds laying on the ground so plentiful that you just reach down and scoop up a handful of precious stones of all colors.

She is a whiz at finding precious metal. We spent a few hours panning for gold in Arizona and she came out with some flakes that are dazzling in their smallness.


(A larger version of this picture still makes the flakes nearly invisible, so don’t bother clicking to enlarge.)

I can only hope that the diamonds we find are at least as large as the gold flakes.

Set your expectations low and you will never be disappointed

my Mother’s OBGYN

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Crater of Diamonds. Hmmmm, Nancy Has Birthday Soon. — 2 Comments

  1. I never have any expectations so I’m always satisfied?

    That packing video of yours (thanks for the GeezerGram BTW) could easily be me–including the “Breath Right” strips and the laxatives…’cept mine are prescription strength. Of course I’d be packing up for a trip to the Boston VA or some other equally endearing adventure rather than trying your luck with precious stones and metals.

    Happy Birthday, Nancy! Hope you find the mother load (and I don’t mean Sixty).
    .-= Kirk M´s last blog ..Wallpaper Psychology =-.