I Killed Twitter

I just killed Twitter. Not the whole thing, so if the Fail Whale shows up today, don’t blame me. I just quit following Twitter via Twitterfox, and I never go to the website (same as 80% of other Twitter users.)

A WordPress plug-in posts to Twitter when I put up a new post, so don’t mistake that as being me.

I just don’t see the value in Twitter.

I think Twitter is for those who have a life (or a business to promote.)

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I Killed Twitter — 1 Comment

  1. Twitter is such a lonely application… shooting random statements and links out there with no come-back or response whatsoever.

    I’d dearly love to kill it, but instead I chose to abuse it… I joined a rogue Mafia spam game and advanced to level 8. Every single action was tweeted and had followers screaming at me to stop. The only way to get attention – naughty child syndrome!!

    I also created an account under the alias ‘jason statham’s index finger’. That was fun. For a while.
    .-= K8´s last blog ..Dance, bitch!! =-.