President Obama Apologizes, is a Class Act.

Even though I agree that the cops in Boston acted “stupidly,” I don’t know all the facts.

I think all parties acted stupidly.

BUT: Obama apologized. The cop didn’t, yet. I hope he does. And I hope Gates does too.

And then, as President Obama said, this can be a “teachable moment.”

And then he invited everybody involved to have a beer.


President Obama today backpedaled from his comment that the Massachusetts police who arrested Henry Louis Gates Jr. “acted stupidly,” the New York Times reports. In an unannounced appearance at the daily White House briefing, Obama said he “could have calibrated” his words more carefully in speaking on the incident, adding that he’d expressed his regrets in a call to Sgt. James Crowley earlier today. The call ended with the suggestion that he, Crowley and Gates, a renowned black scholar, grab a beer sometime at the White House, the president said. Obama said the arrest and surrounding media frenzy had pulled attention away from health reform, but that he hoped the case can be looked at as a “teachable moment” for improving relations between police and minorities.

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