Barfing Her Way Across the U.S.A. – Ft. Myers Edition

Nancy has this peculiar trait. More than one actually, but this is the most peculiar.

When we fly anyplace she barfs on the first full day of the trip. Not on the travel day, the day after!

This started a long time ago…

Many years ago when the oldest daughter moved to FL, I began a medical mystery that to this day haunts me.

For some reason, when I fly (anywhere), within 48 hours I get very ill and vomit, turn extremely pale, feel like crap, but eventually return to “normalcy”.

The first time this mysterious illness happened was the first time hubby and I flew to Ft. Myers to see the new digs she and hubby moved in to and to see their work place, etc.

As Paul Barfy (you called him that too, right?) used to say “now, the rest of the story…”

There are many, many chapters to this saga. I will do my best to alert you to the New Orleans, Disney World, Tuscon, Albuquerque, etc. etc. posts.

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