Barfing Her Way Across the USA – Albuquerque Chapter – Bed, Barf, and Beyond

This was the one where I ate and gambled my way around Albuquerque while she switched from bed to bathroom to barf.

Remember: we arrived in Albuquerque that morning before noon and it’s now 8:30 ish p.m. and we’re finally headed to the hotel.

I literally fell into bed and immediately went into a deep sleep, which didn’t last long.  I got hot, got cold, flipped and flopped, felt like if I didn’t keep moving, I would eventually be paralyzed from the aches.  Early in the morning, the first wave of barfing began.  I hurt so badly, it was all I could do to get out of bed.  Sat on the toilet with a wastebasket in my lap (sort of like hugging the porcelain throne).

In the on-deck circle is an awesome place she heaved.

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