Flash Mob Musicals: I Want.

I’ll go through life never having seen a Flash Mob musical number.

It’s one of those “big city” events.
I am so jealous of anybody that gets to join in a Flash Mob musical.

I got wind last Friday that there was going to be a flash mob in Paris on Sunday, honoring Michael Jackson. For those who aren’t familiar, a flash mob is… well… I may just link to a few to show you (you might remember I linked to the Sound of Music flash mob in Belgium a while back). NOTE: I embedded the same video. Basically a lot of people, usually organized online, decide to get together at a specific location, and at a set time they all do the same thing simultaneously, then disperse. It’s a mob that occurs in a flash. Oh, and the public already at the location has no idea the mob is about to occur.

Here’s Anything Goes performed on the deck of the Intrepid… and following is a “how to” instruction video if you decide you need to produce and direct a Flash Mob musical number. (It includes how the Flash Mob on the Intrepid was accomplished in six hours!)
Will you invite me to be in your Flash Mob Musical?


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