A Chart on Why We Don’t Go to the Dog Park

A turf track for horses nearby is having some time on Saturday for dogs to run on the track. We thought about taking Derby because he is fearless and still likes to run. And we got him on Kentucky Derby Day, so he is our ‘horse.’

  • Sedona just moseys.
  • Oliver is a lump.
  • Sofi is just too tiny and would get trampled.

Tons of rain expected so Derby probably won’t get to run. But then again, it would be a lot of fun and I can hose him off if he came home looking like a mudder.

But I found this from Jonco that describes why we don’t go to the dog park. It still applies at a Horse Park.


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A Chart on Why We Don’t Go to the Dog Park — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve known {still know??} a few guys that think this way.
    I married one actually, but his fleas were irritating so I divorced him
    p.s you bin rolled BTW

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