Glenn Beck, Multimillionaire, Wants to Keep Non-voters Scared.

Remember Sicko? The Michael Moore movie about the health care calamity?

Remember the Brit who said that the rich in the U.S. want to keep the poor in poverty and scared?

Glenn Beck is worth $23 million and is leading the charge to keep the poor exactly in their place – and scared.

The people who can quote the pap that Beck spews and tout him as their spokesperson, need to realize he’s got great health care. Even if he didn’t, he can afford not to have it.

Because, as the Brit pointed out:  if the poor ever started showing up at the polling places, there would be a revolution.

In June, estimators at Forbes magazine pegged Beck’s earnings over the previous 12 months at $23 million, a ballpark figure confirmed by knowledgeable sources, and this year’s revenues are on track to be higher.


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Glenn Beck, Multimillionaire, Wants to Keep Non-voters Scared. — 1 Comment

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