How To Spot a Snake

No seriously, how do you spot a snake? Not in the grass, in our garage.

Nancy came in yelling as if I had just let Sofi run wild outside in the traffic (which had just occurred) that there was a snake in the garage.



She provided few details other than it was “under the car.” Which it wasn’t when I looked.

So I convinced her to jump in the car and skeedaddle and I would track it down.

This is not my garage.


(But it would be if I could afford a ’32 Ford roaster hot rod.)

My garage looks like most boomer garages: kid’s stuff, our stuff, parent’s stuff and last owner’s stuff. Finding a snake?  And if I start moving things, they will be moved to the curb for trash day.

So how do I spot a snake? Is there snake bait?

Just leaving it alone is not an option according to the Commander in Chief.

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How To Spot a Snake — 2 Comments

  1. Of course there’s a lot to be said about just leaving the garage door open and letting the snake find it’s way out on it’s own?