They Played Sex Casino So We Wouldn’t Have to

I’m sure, if you’ve read blogs a lot, you’ve stumbled across a woman (it’s always a woman) writing about the intimate details of her love life. No not those pron sites, the Mommy Bloggers who just have to let you know how wonderful their sex life is and how romantic things are at her house and what a stud muffin her man is.


JD and her husband Dave are in their 40s. Dave is 45 it says in this blog post: I Played Sex Casino So You Wouldn’t Have To.

That’s JD’s schtick, she does things so we don’t have to —  as her categories indicate:
# I Work Out
# I Watch Stuff
# I Am Kind of Awesome
# I Blog
# I Buy Stuff
# I Enjoy the Internets
# I Get Personal
# I See Doctors
# I Eat Stuff
# I Listen to Music
# I Am Grossed Out
# I Have Cats
# I Do Nude
# I Travel
# I Give and Receive
# I Know Things

…so we don’t have to!

JD has hit a winner with her post today… it won’t make you puke, even a little, and you might even laugh out loud.

No spoiler, but here’s a tease.

Next up: “Finger Play.”
We automatically begin thumb wrestling.
“Let’s try the naughty dice. We’re not being very sexy here.”

I don’t laugh out loud at a blog very often, but there is this one part… just go read it.

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They Played Sex Casino So We Wouldn’t Have to — 3 Comments

  1. You rock !! Thanks for the repost of JD’s great blog entry. I had so much fun working with her. I love your blog and would be thrilled to work with you too !! Thanks again for supporting JD.