Big Day at the Rancho de Howler: Should be living in Mobile.

  • Bulbous decided that she is just sick and tired of blowing her nose in the morning. We have concluded she needs a nose catheter. I’m thinking we could adapt her CPAP hose and mask for the purpose.
  • I just need to get an electricial engineer to reverse the polarity on the Continuous Positive Air Pressure pump so it blows. It already sucks. Or so it sucks, because it already blows. It blows so it sucks.

Since the therm-o-meter is touching the zone of freezing, 30-35 degrees, I’m thinking this would be a handy gizmo for myownself too.

  • I drove yesterday! Nancy had hauled me around in the backseat of the wagon, but I surprised her one day by getting in the front seat of the Smart. Which was actually very easy. Once I got in, I could use the cane as a lever to lift my leg into a comfortable place.
    But getting into the driver’s side of the Magnum required sheer genius (or as close as I will ever get.)
    The-rapist is having a terrible time getting my Total Knee Replacement (ta-da-dummmmmmm) to bend. Folding it to get past the door jamb is a problem.
    Was a problem.
    I put the seat back down all the way, slud my slimmed down buttocks on the seat and up the seat back so I could swing my foot inside. Bingo.
    We celebrated by going to El Mazatlan.
    I didn’t use the cane
    I drove.
    And then I walked.
  • I can now lift my leg unassisted. It’s just been Day Ten. This came after a massage of my Total Knee Replacement (ta-da-dummm) and my quadriceps. My quad was Tasered for ten seconds every minute for ten minutes. I think this was the key: electro-shock therapy on my leg.  I was sitting in the recliner last night and boinnnnggggg up it came (my leg.) goosestep Now I need to find a way to get it to return to normal position.
  • Next up, a ride to Nashvegas this afternoon for the performance of Little House on the Prairie starring Melissa Gilbert as Ma. That makes me feel old enough that I may take the walker!
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Big Day at the Rancho de Howler: Should be living in Mobile. — 1 Comment

  1. Good to see you up and about. And all that in just in ten days? Just goes to prove what I’ve known all along. When I figure out how to word it properly, I’ll let you know it is.

    Mellisa Gilbert as Ma? Good grief!
    .-= Kirk M´s last blog pithAll sick and accounted for =-.