I like Macanudo. And Not Just Because They Were Free.

Uh oh.
If you’ve noticed my new pop-up ads, blame Macanudo Cigars.
I got this free sample pack of four cigars, and liked them all. And since they are a little pricier than my usual cigar, you have to chip in.

The samples I tried were ( descriptions provided by Macanudo.)

  • Macanudo Café

No other cigar tastes like a Macanudo because no other cigar is made like a Macanudo. Only the makers of Macanudo spend the time and effort it takes to grow, cure and age their own Connecticut Shade wrappers. And only the makers of Macanudo age all of their tobaccos twice, just as it used to be done in Havana during the golden age of Cuban cigars.

  • Macanudo Maduro

Macanudo Maduro offers you all the richness of the fullest-flavored Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and all the smoothness that you expect from the leading premium cigar brand.

  • Macanudo Robust

Macanudo Robust is unlike any other cigar you have ever tried because it delivers a robust flavor with all the smoothness you have come to expect from a medium-bodied Macanudo Café cigar.

  • Macanudo Gold Label

Macanudo Gold Label is a limited-edition line of Macanudo cigars that adds a unique, new taste to America’s best-selling premium cigar brand.

I like them all. And not just because they were free. Macanudo have the deserved reputation of being a premium cigar.

These were all tube cigars, 5.5 inches long with a ring of 42. They are small cigars compared to my usual brand. However, the good-things-come-in-small-packages rule of thumb applies. (All these cigars are available in a range of lengths and rings.)

I like the way the Macanudos looked and felt. They lighted easily and had a nice draw, staying cool until the last puff. The ash stayed with the cigar until I set it free.

If I had to choose, I would choose the Gold Label. It’s a hand made cigar with golden leaf wrapper that is grown in Connecticut (Yankee leaf!) I hate to say this, but this is a very mild, almost sweet, cigar.

“Capa Especial” is the Spanish term for this wrapper of uncommon taste which, when combined with filler and binder tobacco of complementary character, results in a cigar that lives up to the tradition of quality that is Macanudo.

Apparently these cigars are only made once a year.  Naturally, it is the most expensive cigar of the samples, costing about $6 each depending on your source and quantity.

So start clicking those Google Ads and refresh your browser often to show that pop-up.

By the way, if you are cigar smoker, you will want to pick up  the sample pack which includes a details on how to win the chance to play roulette in Vegas for a million bucks.

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