Me to FTC: “Drop Dead”; FTC: Thud

I win.
Because of my rebelliousness, the FTC has admitted they will not fine bloggers $11,000 or ever $11 for not disclosing all the freebies that flow into their households.

Richard Cleland: [FTC Consumer dude] “That $11,000 fine is not true. Worst-case scenario, someone receives a warning, refuses to comply, followed by a serious product defect; we would institute a proceeding with a cease-and-desist order and mandate compliance with the law. … There’s no monetary penalty,… even in the worst case. Our approach is going to be educational, particularly with bloggers. We’re focusing on the advertisers: What kind of education are you providing them, are you monitoring the bloggers and whether what they’re saying is true?”

(emphasis mine, if the FTC decides to regulate style too)

Advertisers have to monitor what I say is true?

One door closes and a drawbridge descends.

Memo to advertisers: same deal as before, send me stuff. Send me the right stuff and enough of it and I will lie through my teeth about the value your product has to mankind. (Unlike some other bloggers.)

Memo to Macanudo: cigars arrived in great shape. Undoubtedly the finest cigars in the world. Worthy of elevation to the next best think to chocolate you could put on your lips. Worthy of Michael Jordan being allowed to smoke them on any municipal golf course in America.

My doorstep awaits the arrival of other freebies and letters from the FTC will light my Macanudo.

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