Movie Review: The Invention of Lying

Nancy announced yesterday that at noon today we were going to see The Informant.

When we showed up at the box office, (I met her there)  she said we were going to see The Invention of Lying. I questioned her and she got flustered and said, no, she mean she wanted to see Brad Pitt. Which is The Informant.

We never saw it.

The projector bulb burned out and they couldn’t replace it. So we had our choice of any other movie – plus two free tickets.

It was good karma.

The Invention of Lying is a four star movie (out of four.)

The movie starts out silly, gets sillier, then funny, then mysterious, goofy, poignant, clever, sad, sweet, and ends happily.

It’s the story of how a girl like Jennifer Garner choses to spend her life with Ricky Gervais rather than Rob Lowe.

The cameos by a bunch of mega-watt stars are a treat, but the movie doesn’t depend these tricks. It’s just a wonderful piece of writing that kept me smiling or laughing all through the movie: even the sad parts kept me smiling.

We both loved it and the only other couple in the theater seemed to like it too!

See it.

Extras: I checked for The Informant, but of course didn’t have the chance for The Invention of Lying. They are launching a mobile version soon.

I’m standing at the urinal when Dad and three sons came in. Dad told Jeremy to use the little one. Jeremy announced, “Pew, that thing stinks, but I’m going to pee on it anyway.” I told dad I would be spreading the word.

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