Thanks Nutrisystem. After Spending Huge Bucks, Maybe I’ll Find a Treasure in My Sunken Chest.

When I was a kid we thought it was a riot to read lbs. as lubs.

I’ve used Nutrisystem “food” for a few weeks.  I got weighed today on an official doctor’s office scale, and not the truck scale I usually use.

I’ve lost 26 lubs.

When I asked Nancy if she could tell, (because I can’t) she said “Yes, you want to know where?”

Of course I do? My beer belly is gone! right?

No, apparently my chest is! She gestured across her ample bosom (and that’s not a slam, dear) that I she could notice it “right here.”

I guess my man boobs are gone. Not exactly what I was aiming for, but it’s a start.


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